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Andaria accounts offer a number of convenient features that make it easy to manage your money. Learn more about the countless benefits associated with both our business and personal accounts. 

  • Create business and personal accounts quickly and easily

  • Gain access to a dedicated IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for your business

  • Send and receive funds via local payment networks

  • Business can capture payments on-the-go with Andaria QR feature

  • Ability to hold accounts in up to 25 currencies

  • FX Exotic feature offers access to 100+ currencies

  • QR feature allows for simple peer-to-peer payments between Andaria account holders

  • Keep your spending organized and allows you to reconcile faster


As a global leader in financial technology, Andaria has a wide range of account types to support all of your needs, both business and personal. 

Multi-Currency Account

A specialized IBAN that can manage up to 25 different currencies simultaneously.

Core Account

A core IBAN that supports three prominent currencies: EUR, USD and GBP.

Andaria One Account

A standard IBAN that is available in 25 currencies. 

Andaria Treasury Management

Mitigate risk and streamline your overall finances with improved cash flow management. 

Want to learn how Andaria Financial can help your business with digital payment solution? Contact us today to speak with an Andaria Financial respresentative.

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